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Nature's Essence

At Montlush, we believe that the best skincare is for everyone, care for a healthier glow and for a revitalised skin effort should not only be from outside but within. As a Brand that's built on nature's essence & care, Montlush products are handmade with much concentration and love using only the Natural ingredients with purest quality which are extracted keeping the organic values intact.

Montlush core philosophy connects deeply with nature and our skincare products bring you combinations of natural extracts that would compliment your skin in various ways. Some of the most exciting combinations include Sea Salt & Sea Weed - Black Tea & Cinnamon Oil and Sandalwood & Tumeric making your skin free of wrinkles, pigmentation, acnes and finelines.

Luxurious and premium quality Montlush skincare range is developed performing an intense research and our operations have an approach that concentrates on sustainability and perseverance. We ensure that the raw natural extracts aids sustainability of local community so that the society too are a part of our holistic approach to skincare. - Montlush, be loud! Be proud!

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Proudly Sri Lankan

All this time we were understanding the importance of being a natural product and how to use the correct product to suit your skin. In addition to this did you know that people are very much concern about the origin of the product? At Montlush we, very proudly say that we are a Sri Lankan product!!!!

Why Label It For Women: Men, Women & Body Lotions

Most times we worry about our facial appearance and take the rest of the body for granted. One may hide their age through a well maintained facial skin but if the skin of the rest of the body is not taken care of, the dryness, wrinkles may tell the world something that you don’t want.