Proudly Sri Lankan

All this time we were understanding the importance of being a natural product and how to use the correct product to suit your skin. In addition to this did you know that people are very much concern about the origin of the product?

At Montlush we, very proudly say that we are a Sri Lankan product!!!!

Sri Lanka is known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. It truly is a pearl that no one can estimate a value. It is an island that is full of resources. These resources have given many opportunities for the people within the country. Sri Lanka from the olden days is very famous for its high-quality tea, coconut and rubber. These are three main exports of the country. There is a great demand for Ceylon tea and the different products made out of coconut. Still it is believed that no tea in the world can match Ceylon tea. The Ceylon virgin coconut oil has a great demand in the global market. Ceylon Cinnamon!!!! The best cinnamon in the world. The greenery, the ocean, the beaches, the mountains, rivers… everything a man can wish for is in this small island.

We want all our customers to experience the wonders in this small island. This is why we select our ingredients with great care. The organic extra virgin coconut oil that goes into our products helps to balance the moisture level in the skin. By using the best extra virgin coconut oil in our skin care products we have been able to provide you with an unforgettable experience that benefits you and our Sri Lankan community.

By making black tea and cinnamon a part of the ingredients in certain selected products that we use, we have been able to mix the best from this small island to the blend of our ingredients. Montlush wants it’s local and global customers to identify how the standard of the product can be enhanced through using the best ingredients from Sri Lanka.

Montlush is not just a brand that is using the best essence from the nature of Sri Lanka, it is a mixture of both essence and the best talents of Sri Lanka. As a result, we have been able to bring you one of the best natural skin care products in the world.

For consumers who are looking forward in experiencing the wonders of Ceylon on their skin, Montlush is one of the best choices available. It will be one of the best choices that you have made.

Montlush, Proudly Sri Lankan!!!!!