Why Label It For Women: Men, Women & Body Lotions

Most times we worry about our facial appearance and take the rest of the body for granted. One may hide their age through a well maintained facial skin but if the skin of the rest of the body is not taken care of, the dryness, wrinkles may tell the world something that you don’t want.

Therefore it is important that we care for the skin of the body as same as we care for the facial skin.

Men too expose their skin to the harsh outdoors or work at air conditioning environment continuously without any concern about how these conditions affect them. There’s no special treatment and the solution only requires a good practice and awareness of how the solution helps for a good well balanced skin.


There are some men who pays attention to their skin but it is a very less percentage compared to women who are more attentive towards their skin. So the only way to care for your skin is through the use of a good moisturizer. It is that simple but most do not understand the importance of  using a good moisturizer and the benefits that you gain by using a moisturizer.


As mentioned in our prior ‘Lush Logs’ staying in longer hours in an air conditioned environment or if we expose our skin to the harsh environment outdoors too long we may lose the moisture in our skin. A dry skin is another condition that keeps us vulnerable if not looked after. Dry skin wrinkles faster therefore requires more attention for a smooth and balanced skin.


A good moisturizer not only keeps our skin smooth and soft through harsh environments likes of ‘air conditioning’ and ‘rough outdoors’ but also helps getting rid of the flaky and dry patches off the dry skins.


Have you had that uncomfortable feeling of itchiness due to the dry and flaky patches? This makes you weaker with low confidence and might have made you lose in a potentially successful negotiation. You could avoid such uncomfortable situations and stay relaxed if you have a good moisturizer handy. A good moisturizer can boost your confidence and increase your blood circulation resulting a radiant & glowing skin, in other words you find a good companion in a good moisturizer.


Always be mindful to select a moisturizer that is enriched with moisture so that applying wouldn’t be that regular and also try to adapt to natural ingredients that wouldn’t be harmful for your skin. We all know that our skin is the largest organ of the body and it requires much love and affection so that it could take care of us.

Till we reach out again, stay safe and start taking care of yourselves.